Something Happened On The Way There

On the way there, something happened. I fell flat on my back. I laid there for no more than a moment, before jumping up with a sharp laugh. It had just poured for half an hour straight before stopping as I started running – not rained, poured. It was the kind of weather where the sky opens up and like a firehose in an attempt to see how much Earth it can erode as quickly as posssible. I welcomed the change of pace after over a week of 88-95°F heat. I could see the mud covering my forearms and I felt it on the back of my shirt and ass as well. Good thing I’m wearing white tights too, now it just looks like I shat myself, I thought.

The mud didn’t come out, even with bleach.

The first thing I did next was stop my watch, of course. I didn’t want to be recording my time standing around as though it was time spent running, that would dishonest. It would also throw off my GPS watch’s calculation of my mile pace, and I’m a sticler for keeping track of numbers. Regularly maintaining a detailed workout record for 10 years will do that to you.

Finishing the next 3 miles of my 4 mile run didn’t seem like a pleasant prospect with my arms and hands covered in grit, especially since I needed them to wipe sweat and water from my face, but conveniently enough for me I had taken my muddy slip and slide ride right next to a manmade rivelet that flowed into a manmade pond right next to where a manmade asphalt walking path diverged from the road. I had to hop over a manmade wooden fence  and balance precariously on slippery rocks aranged by men – all just in order to dip my man hands in the fridged running water and splash it over my arms to clean them off.

Realatively cleaned up, I resumed my run and unpaused my GPS watch as a sporadic sprinkling of rain droplets started.

It’s interesting how mankind trys to wrestle our environment into shapes that fit our requirments. Some even say that’s what seperates us from other animals – we’ve evolved to the point that we no longer need to evolve ourselves, we just evolve our environment to suit our tastes. It’s funny the kind of things you think about when you run.

I twisted back and forth on the tightly conered walking path I was on, trying to keep up a steady pace. I left the path and transitioned to a decently steep ascent on the muddy side of a road. I transitioned to a sidewalk and then again to a dirt rut when the sidewalk ended. I almost made it to the movie theater, but I’d nearly hit 2 miles where I needed to turn around. As I came up on 2 miles, the light sprinkle quickly took a turn to heavy thuds of warm, obese droplets slapping the pavement. Violent thunder and lightning that I hadn’t noticed before seemed to be pretty much all around me suddenly. As strange as it may sound, I take a degree of pride running in the rain, covered in mud. I guess it comes from a place of feeling like a badass. I’m sure only maybe 500 people in the 2 cities totalling about 162,000 where I live could even keep pace with me on a run, and far fewer would be willing to run in a thunderstorm. I relish it. I relish the water pouring down my face, mixing with sweat, then running into my mouth. I relish spitting that water out and slicking my hair back while my long strides kick mud up my back. I relish the feeling of cars passing me, knowing some people are pointing at me and saying, “Look at that crazy motherfucker running in this weather,” to their friend. I like the feeling of being on the way somewhere others aren’t willing to go, even if I don’t know what the next moment will bring. I want people to see that journey as well.

That’s why I’m starting this blog. I decided it as I was finishing up my run. I grabbed my DSLR camera and started thinking of blog titles immediately after. I’m on the way somewhere, I’m just not sure where. I want to share those adventures – those triumphs and failures – here. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time.


Run Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2017

Distance: 4.01 miles

Pace: 7:08/mile

Overall Time: 28:33

Yes, the back of my shirt did have the word “storm” on it. Not planned, but still stupidly funny.